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Shakti Bhog Foods Limited has taken up various Corporate Social Responsibility activities as part of their commitment to work for the betterment of the lives of the people here in India.

The company has given support to various Non Governmental Organizations in various work related to the welfare of the poor community such as free dispensaries for health and medical services, aid to old age homes, free meals to the needy and constructions of schools and free education for children for a better future. Distribution of books to the less fortunate children and providing free shelter and used clothes has also been arranged for the needy.

The company has started running 5 computer centres in Delhi NCR, by the name Seva Bharti, which gives free computer education to children who can't afford paid education.

Health, being a major issue of concern now in society the company decided to foray into the Indian electronic media in 2005, with the broadcast of a health and wellness satellite channel called the Shakti TV. The channel produces various health related programmes which are highly informative and guide viewers in India on their health related issues. Various renowned doctors, dieticians and fitness gurus are part of the team. Information on treatments through the traditional medicinal system of Ayurveda is also been shared with viewers. There are special programmes related to women health related issues. Live question answer sessions are conduced where viewers ask questions over the telephone which are answered instantly by the doctors.
This is just the beginning .The company will continue to serve society in its own way to give people a better life.