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Shakti Bhog is a familiar household name that spells quality and trust across millions worldwide. Its leadership in India in the Branded Food Segment is driven by its availability, quality and consumer awareness. The Group's mission and vision is to be able to reach every household across the globe with its Quality Produce for a healthy lifestyle. Shakti Bhog is a Brand Leader in India, in the branded wheat flour segment. The company owns Asia's largest wheat milling automated facilities in Northern India. The company has won many awards and recognitions for its quality and value added products which focuses on Good Health.

It was in 1970 that the founder and passionate visionary, Shri K.K. Kumar began a journey to create quality packaged food, following the footsteps of his father and grandfather, who were into trading of food grains and pulses. Under his guidance, the company scaled great heights and developed the branded packed food business, in such commodities as whole wheat flour, and at a time national brands were not available. For Mr. Kumar - convenience, good quality and trust coupled with easy availability is all that drives a consumer. With feet in the ground, he dismisses all grandeurs …“I had a vision to provide basic food products as packaged FMGC”. Not so simple about 35 years back, when the Country was still in the era of controlled economy & the benefits of Green & White Revolutions had started to percolate. The pioneer was just doing the right thing; at the right time in the right way. Mr. Kumar believes that nothing is better than the “natural product” itself and therefore advises his team not to tamper with it.

In 2002, his eldest son – Shri Siddharth Kumar, representing the fourth generation, joined his father, and moved ahead to conquer the global arena.

With a desire to enter the global arena and a zeal for a global recognition of the brand, he set up the exports division and started direct exports .He also expanded into other food segments like basmati rice, ready to eat products tea, instant wheat meals and other value added products with a prime focus on exports. He adopted latest technologies and new business models and has aggressively spread the brand across many countries. Shaktibhog has an integral presence in the food chain stores of the Gulf and Middle East, the USA, the UK Africa & Australia. The legacy of simplicity continues. Says Mr. Siddharth Kumar-"in this age to inter dependence, the Globe has shrunk to a village". Shakti Bhog’s impeccable quality products, cost effective production processes, voluminous experience of the market and prompt deliveries has fetched the company, tremendous customer response from overseas.

Shakti Bhog Foods Limited has grown from a family business into one of India's leading food manufacturing and distribution company in the consumer packed food business. With a turnover of USD 950 million, the products are available across 60 countries across the globe, besides India. The company has diversified into 15 + food categories and is continuously adding food products to its range for the health conscious consumers.

The current product range includes Whole Wheat Flour (Atta), Basmati Rice, Long grain and medium grain Rice, Divss Biscuits and Cookies, Confectionery items- Choco bite, Instant Wheat Meals, Tea, Ready to Eat Products, Clarified Butter (ghee), Gram Flour (besan), Fine Wheat Flour (biscuit flour), Unroasted Porridge /cracked wheat, Semolina (Sooji) and Rice Flakes (Poha).

The saga of improvement continues; better technology for quality control; better infrastructure for market servicing & more products in the basket.